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Every butterfly deserves love

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Seattle's Socialist councilwoman on why capitalism offers nothing for young people | Making Sen$e | PBS NewsHour


PBS: So there’s no stigma associated with Communism or Socialism now?

Sawant: The only reason you’re talking to me is because an out-and-out Socialist got elected in a major city in the United States with nearly 95,000 votes. There’s no stigma; it’s time for working people to lose their shackles and march ahead.”


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5658) I hate when people ask me my gender when they already have an answer they think is right (which is never the right one in reality). If you’re going to ask me, “Are you a man or a woman?” sure I’ll be a little off put, but I’ll tell you. However, if you proceed to mock me for my answer (“I’m a woman”), go fuck yourself. Clearly you weren’t actually wondering. You just wanted an excuse to make fun of me. I won’t stand for it anymore.

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The heating pad that was in the storage unit doesn’t work. This is unfortunate. I may end up buying myself one because *whimpers* it’s just money I hate to spend with no income source. I miss my mattress pad. Do not miss that place, though.

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